Our history.

Agro Aceitunera S.A. origin dates back to the year 1900, when our Lebanese ancestors started to migrate to Argentina. By 1914, the Cuyo region, where our plantations and factories are located, already had a strong Lebanese presence: our ancestors. They had always grown olive trees and introduced their knowledge and passion for olive-growing; thus creating and olive-growing tradition that, since then, has led the group to operate within the Argentine territory, specifically in the provinces of San Juan, La Rioja and Catamarca.

Since then, and thanks to optimal climatic, soil and water conditions, a pioneering industry was born. The company later on broadened its agricultural and industrial areas, thus growing and placing some of our brands as leaders in the Argentine and international markets. But mainly by offering Argentine consumers the authentic flavor of the best Mediterranean olives: delicious, nutritious and with multiple uses, as well as the best olive oil.

Combining tradition and technological evolution, Agro Aceitunera product quality continues to stem, mainly, from two factors: the use of Argentine olives under strict technical controls and dedication put into the production and packaging process.

Our mission.

Offering top quality products: Olives, oil and pickles for the Argentine family table and consumers from all over the world. We work to integrate our business from the fields to consumer`s palates, offering the best quality and adapting to meet food industry demands.

Our vision.

Being the top olive-producing company in America and consolidating our international projection, through leading, reliable brands, operational excellence and ongoing improvement in the implementation of industry-related technologies. Boosting our people's and our suppliers' talent and strength in line with a model focused on maximizing profitability with social responsibility.



We achieve results through a transparent, consistent, responsible line of conduct. Our company depends on our integrity.


We are certain that we grow through bonds of trust and, therefore, we promote an environment of respect, honesty, trust and teamwork for our people, seeking the common good for all company departments, taking care of our resources, valuing every employee's theoretical and practical knowledge as well as the intuition acquired through experience. Our company's progress is driven by proactive people who seek to obtain the best results in the simplest, fastest, most effective manner possible.


We are a company committed to the whole value chain including our suppliers, associates, customers, consumers and the community in general; we strongly believe that we grow as long as they grow with us.