The leading olive producer group
in Argentina

About us

We are the only group capable of controlling every stage of the production process and strategically defining the sowing of different olive tree varieties according to the geographic, environmental and organizational conditions.

Our processes

Olives are obtained from different olive tree varieties (Olea europaea sativa Hoff); the most common one in Argentina is the "Arauco" variety, although nowadays other varieties are cultivated in olive-growing areas such as: "Manzanilla Fina", "Picual", among others, which have yielded highly valued characteristics.

Our production process is similar to the one used in Seville, Spain, thus, our products feature the same characteristics that are widely appreciated by consumers.

It is divided into the following stages: Harvest and transportation, placement into fermenters, alkaline treatment, washing, placement into brine, fermentation and preservation, selection and sizing, packing into containers of different sizes, materials and formats according to customer and shipping requirements.


Nucete is nowadays tantamount to service and quality leadership

Thanks to its wide experience in the national and international markets. Nucete adjusts to the different distribution channels and customer needs, offering a wide range of products, packaging and a 100% national territory coverage.